General Government

The City of Kenton is committed to serving residents, businesses and visitors through leadership and effective and community-focused services that will enhance the quality of life in our city. With our mission in mind, we desire to ensure that government is open and transparent government, work as a team to accomplish goals and objectives, act with integrity in all matters, comply with laws and policies for municipal management, and remain open to change for the benefit and welfare of our citizens.


Parks & Recreation

The mission of the City of Kenton Parks and Recreation Department is to promote safe physical education, recreation, play, and sport for individuals of all ages.

The City of Kenton Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the care, coordination, and maintenance of the city’s parks and fields. In addition, the department coordinates and administers numerous recreation programs throughout the year. At present, parks and playgrounds are open, but restrictions may apply subject to local and state mandates. Please adhere to any posted signage at our various locations.



Police Department

The Kenton Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality police services in order to enhance community safety, protect life and property, and reduce crime. Our officers work closely with the community to resolve problems with the mission of improving the safety and quality of life in our city. The principal objectives for the Kenton Police Department is to prevent crime and diligently pursue those who commit crime.


Fire Department

The City of Kenton Volunteer Fire Department is committed to serving citizens with the highest level of protection. Comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers, we are passionate about delivering services with the highest level of care, compassion, and professionalism for all those affected and in need of service. Our team is trained in prevention, education, preparation, response and suppression.


Public Works/ Garbage

The City of Kenton Public Works Department is dedicated to the effective management and maintenance of the city’s buildings, roads, and infrastructure systems. Through teamwork and interdepartmental cooperation, we strive to provide the highest quality of service to the residents, businesses, and visitors utilizing the most cost-efficient methods.


Water & Sewer

The City of Kenton Water and Sewer Department is committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective sanitary sewer services. We collect and treat wastewater from the service area in accordance with all applicable local, regional, state, and federal requirements.


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