kenton Landmarks

Kenton’s Special Landmarks

Kenton, Tennessee, is some of the most beautiful scenescape that you will see. Beautiful rolling hills, picturesque fields, and breathtaking countryside make Kenton a site to behold. Residents of Kenton enjoy a serene, quiet life and are able to take advantage of all the best nature has to offer.

Currently, the city holds over 1000 citizens, nearly double the amount from its most progressive point in the 1900s. It’s also booming with great businesses, remarkable people, and a rich history that is engrained in every aspect of this beautiful town.

Although there are many other events and scores of individuals that deserve recognition,  we hope that this service as a space where the Ketnon people can learn more about its fine history.


White Squirrels




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White Squirrel Winery


Built in 2014 amongst the rolling hills of northwest Tennessee, White Squirrel Winery was founded by the Sanderson family to bring high quality wines to the region. All of their wines are made right here in Kenton, TN using more than 18 acres of fresh grapes and fruits. From red muscadine to blackberry wines, they create bold tasting wines in small batches for maximum quality.

4385 45 W
Kenton, TN 38233

Big Cypress Tree National Park


Big Cypress Tree State Park is named for the national champion bald cypress tree that once lived in the park. The tree was the largest bald cypress in the United States and the largest tree of any species east of the Mississippi River. In 1976, during a lightning storm, a strike caused the tree to die after living for more than 1,350 years.

295 Big Cypress Rd,
Greenfield, TN 38230

Kenton’s White Squirrel Festival 

Kenton’s White Squirrel Festival is a notable, week-long celebration centered around July 4th each year. Our Festival Committee, Local Businesses, and Volunteer Community Members work hard to make this week fun and exciting for all to enjoy. Our festival draws not only local spectators, but we have patrons that drive from Kentucky, Missouri, and other states to view our fireworks and partake in festivities. This annual festival starts with a patriotic flag-raising ceremony and tribute to American veterans at Kenton’s Community Center. Festival events include bingo night, auctions for local children’s charity, “Business After Hours,” annual White Squirrel 5K Run, July 4th parade, town dance and fireworks. Other fun activities for children & adults, including yard and craft sales are held. Come celebrate your freedom! 

White Squirrel Spotting / Watching


Can you spot a white squirrel? Kenton is known for being home to the largest concentration of white squirrels in the nation and boasts over 200+ of these unique and adorable little critters. Animal watchers and squirrel fans drive to Kenton from miles around in hopes of getting a glimpse of a white squirrel. As a matter of fact, the town dedicated their annual festival in celebration of these special creatures, and the local winery opened with the name and a picture of these rare beauties on the label of every bottle. Read more in the section below Should you spot one, snap a picture and post it on your favorite social media platform and use the hashtag #KentonWhiteSquirrel.