Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and Recreation

Kenton continues to serve its community by providing the community with two beautiful parks full of lovley landscaping, programs, and amenities.

Kenton, TN owns two park properties with are in the works to be improved by 2032 based on a Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Kenton conducted its own parks and recreation survey which concluded that users of the park, which tend to be families and younger children, would like to see improvements on the already existing amenities.

Kenton City Park

Kenton, TN owns two park properties with are in the works to be improved by 2032 based on a Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

One of the parks, Kenton City Park, is located at

411 W. College St.,
Kenton, TN 38233

This park was established in 1955 and is approximately 19 acres. It features a walking trail, community center, ball fields, playground, indoor gymnasium, and pavillions. It is also the central location to several community events.

Scott McMackin Ball Park

The second park, Scott McMakin Ball Park, is located at

425 S. Poplar St.,
Kenton, TN 38233

It is currently the central place for all ball games that take place in Kenton, TN. There are two ballfields, with concessions and restrooms included. Learn more about our Parks and Recreation Program Offerings listed below.

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Parks & Rec.

Program Offerings

The City of Kenton strives to offer a variety of programs and events to the local community. Below is a list of current programs and activities.

Youth Summer Baseball
Youth Summer Softball
Building Rentals
White Squirrel Celebrations

The local facilities are used by several community groups including TWRA, Kenton School, and Kenton’s Womens Club.


Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Kenton has conducted a survey for improvements on the two parks which include the current amenities. The Parks and Recreation currently has a document to view to learn more about the strategic planning invloved with the master plan. To learn more, reach out to the Parks and Recreation board members.

Parks and Recreation Board

Our Parks and Recreation board currently has 3 members.

Wade Simpson
Glenn Zaricor
Tim Johns

Want to Get Involved?

Kenton’s White Squirrel Festival is a notable, week-long celebration centered around July 4th each year. Our Festival Committee, Local Businesses, and Volunteer Community Members work hard to make this week fun and exciting for all to enjoy. You can find out more information on our events, how to volunteer, and what will be going on throughout the year by visiting this page often! Be sure to also follow our Facebook page!